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​Gojo  Coffee Factory

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Opened in Gojo, Kyoto

with home-roasted coffee

Sandwiches, spice curry, homemade workshop

the sweetsFeel free to enjoy it.

Also in Otani Honbyo and Sanjusangendo

When visiting nearby

​Please drop in.

Directly imported from Holland

Carefully roasted with a Giessen roaster

roasted coffee beans

with a mellow scent

​You can taste it.


After receiving your order at our shop
One cup at a time with hand drip
​I'm brewing.

Grind the beans on the spot for each order,

One cup at a time with a paper filter

Hand brewed.

We hope that you will spend a moment of peace with each cup.

Raw beans are carefully selected from the production areas and farms.

The green beans are roasted by a roaster to determine the optimum roasting condition.

Since we roast small amounts at a time, freshness is guaranteed.

Outstanding! !

The moment you add hot water,

The bulging figure is roasted

proof of that.

with a rich aroma

A cup of our pride


a Dutch worker
​Making roasting machine GIESEN


Our roasting machine is made in Holland

<GIESEN> Roasting machine manufactured by the company

In the Higashiyama area of Kyoto

We introduced it as soon as possible.

GIESEN is a major manufacturer in Germany and the skilled Dutch craftsmen who have cultivated technology for many years

I am working on it.

It looks like a locomotive and is delicate

in roasted condition

It brings out a deep flavor.


In addition, production management

<CROPSTER> adopted.

This is a more detailed data of the roasting data from Austria


Input temperature, roasting time, roasting temperature, etc.

To centrally manage various data

It is possible to roast with a stable taste


By combining these ingredients, we can create a taste that is unique to our store.

Gojo Coffee Factory
459-13 Tokiwacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
459-13 Tokiwachou higashiyamaku kyoto city
Open: 9:30-18:00


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